Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday Fill-In # 143

After a week off, it's nice to be doing Friday Fill-Ins again. If you have a blog, join in. My answers are in bold.

1. One week ago I was at Elkmont campground in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Sarah and Winnie came right at dark and set up their tent. We went to visit friends at their campsite and had ribs, mashed sweet potatoes, greens, and homemade cookies, celebrated a 60th birthday, then came back "home" and had a campfire. Helen's sister had made most of her trip and was coming in the morning. You think I remember? Oh, and some random kindness person left a bottle of liquid soap in the bathroom. From here on out, I'm always going to do that.

2. I was a mess of a little kid when I was young. I didn't do well in school, was very dreamy (so, what's changed?) and had trouble focusing. Not very socially adept either. Oh, dear.

3. Mama said I shouldn't talk back. That meant a variety of things and could be applied in a variety of situations. For all the times I got in trouble over it, you'd think I'd be very vocal today but I'm quiet.

4. Remember that song about you and me? You and me go kissing in the dark . . . Maybe I made that up because I'm not seeing the lyrics on google.

5. Take your time and think it through. Ripping out stitches, literally or figuratively, is boring and takes longer than good planning.

6. This time of being unproductive and wandering/wondering will pass! Maybe even as soon as my sewing machine gets back from its first-year service. Can't blame it all on that, though. I did work alot today on my mom's crazy quilt, but my motivation and enthusiasm are lacking.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm planning to either (a) babysit or (b) go out with friends after work, tomorrow my plans include work, then a neighborhood block party with food and a jazz band (hope it doesn't rain) and Sunday my plans include hosting the first meeting of a spiritual journey group.

Happy weekend, everyone.


Marites said...

I always say a prayer for people who gave random kindness to me and I try to pass it forward too. God knows, we need more of them. We are the same in #2. I'm still dreamy and I'm still not very socially adept but I'm trying, that's most important:) I've had my own troubles with #3 too. Hope it won't rain this weekend.happy weekend!!

ann marie said...

Liked your answers, have a great weekend :)

shopannies said...

so you were quite young and your quite still? I never learned that lesson I am the direct opposite of you

Anonymous said...

You can't find the lyrics because it's "FISHING in the dark"
Not kissing, although those might be better lyrics.