Monday, September 14, 2009


After the last camping trip, I washed my sleeping bag. We'd had rainy weather and it had gotten damp, and besides, it was time. When I opened the washer, the sleeping bag was caught under the rim, between the tub and the plastic piece, and was ripped in many places and there was white fiberfill sticking out. Lots. Sigh, I love this sleeping bag, it's seen lots of good times, and besides, it was expensive.

I pictured ordering a new one, $ flying away. Then I pictured a repair with fabric patches because the damage was so extensive. But today, when I actually sat down to sew, still thinking of patches, it was a good rescue.

I was able to actually pull the torn edges together, and darn where I couldn't, and I'm ready to go camping in a couple of days with a sleeping bag that still looks pretty good.

Now I can get on to other things, like collecting my things and going to the grocery store, and mowing the grass. Happiness is mine.

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Anonymous said...

that's terrific Connie !!! Love it !!!
Jan L.