Monday, September 21, 2009

Aaron's Birthday Part Two

I don't want to go on, even with camping thoughts, without posting the last of the pictures from Aaron's birthday party.

Grandma Janice and Aaron, enjoying:

Mike, Aaron, and nieghbor Jax, aka Nora's boyfriend.

Obviously, the red icing on the edges is best for snitching.

Checking out the new quilt:

Aaron got skates from Grandma Janice and Pap, and Nora loved them. There were lots of other things in the bag and he'll never notice that she claimed them for awhile.

Good times with Helen:

When I saw him yesterday after several days, Aaron seemed so tall, and Nora seemed so grown up. Moving here was the right thing for me. These kids are precious.

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Anonymous said...

I agree ! Good pics ! Glad you got one with Helen ? Hoped you got Bridg. too! Mine didn't take ! Sorry, Steph !