Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I almost talked myself into signing up for a Quilt University class by Linda Schmidt. The supply list is all things I love - sparkly tulles, paints, tyvek, heat gun, cellophane, beads, decorative thread. The class description said there was quite a time commitment, which is true to all her classes - but still, I was ready to push the button, despite the fact that I'm signed up for an advanced batik class during part of the time. I'm longing for someone to teach me. I know I have quite a few things coming up, but I really want to have an online lesson come my way every week.

Only thing is, I think I've already taken that class. I can remember burning edges of "rocks," painting on cellophane and hitting it with the heat gun and watching it bubble. Putting decorative thread in the bobbin and stitching on water soluble stabilizer. Making sparkly water with the tulles. Somewhere in my move I've lost the lessons but I think I've already taken this. Probably the reasonable thing to do would be to do some research on the techniques, maybe get a book instead. I know there's nothing that says I can't take the same class twice, but for that kind of time, I want something new. Sigh.

Forgot that I was supposed to head to Mike and Steph's after work and went home instead. Remembered and headed on over. Played cars and birthdays and beauty shop. When it was time to go home, Aaron said, "I want to go home with you." How sweet is that. I love those kids.

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Anonymous said...

aaahhhh, that's sooo sweet ! Acompliment to you !!!