Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Tracks

The birds don't seem to care for the corn in the feeder mix and it mostly ends up on the ground.  It does look as if someone does like it, though.  Someone who doesn't worry much about balancing on the edge of the wall.  Someone big.

Surely this is the last snow.  Next week should be in the 50's and I'll be trimming back the ornamental grasses and looking hopefully for new shoots here and there.  A whole different world.

Yesterday I made oatmeal rolls that were really wonderful.  If you're into bread baking you can find the recipe here.

My daughter is going to a baby shower on Saturday and will be taking this bib, among other things.  Anita Goodesign Bundle of Joy.  I'm sure I've used this design collection more than any other.

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