Monday, March 2, 2015

Poor Little Snowman

This little snowman came to live on my porch Christmas before last.  He was white and shiny with a glossy top hat and a red scarf.  Stars in his belly.  So pretty.

After last year he had lost half his gloss.  My porch faces south, doesn't have a cover, and the roof has a high slope.  When the snow melts, the gutters dam up and ice forms and drips.  I had plans to repaint him last year, then I saw someone else's snowman that looked like mine and it had a certain appeal, kind of shabby chic.  So he lived on without an update.

Now, he's looking kind of sad, and his snow and ice nest hasn't all melted yet.  This year he will surely need replacement or painting, depending on how much of his terra cotta chips off.  I think that the "new" one should live on the back porch, which is covered.  Poor little guy.

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