Friday, March 6, 2015

Home and Garden

My neighbor had tickets for the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show, so we went today.  

With lots of snow still on the ground, it was fun to see a little spring preview.

This collection of decorative twigs looked more like winter, but it was still pretty.

There were way too many hot tubs (who cleans those?) and way too many basement waterproofing displays.  Lots and lots of windows.  I must have had the show on my mind because last night I dreamed that I had French doors put in my kitchen.  Not in this house.

There were also a few things for me to ponder, like garage doors and gutters.  A vendor with handmade marshmallows.  One of my friends gave me some for Christmas, and I'd really like to try making them.

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Joanne S said...

Martha Stewart had a step by step tutorial in one of her magazines. I'm sure it's on line.

Looked like fun.