Monday, March 16, 2015

Run Happy

I'm so happy to have a new pair of exercise shoes.  I always promise myself that I'll save them for exercise only so they'll last, and then I never do it.  But this time, I really will.  My old ones just don't have good support any more, although they don't show any wear on the treads.  

I spent an hour in the yard today cleaning up the beds and cutting back some ornamental grasses.  Two contractor bags full, but I have a long ways to go.  And my yard is just tiny.  I've exercised a lot this winter and I thought that (a) my old jeans would just slide right on and (b) yard work would be easy.  Neither was true.  

We had baby quilt group today and collected eight or nine quilts.  I think that Connie H did these.  (That's not me.)  I love the one on the bottom because it looks like such a nice pattern for scraps.  I think she saw it in Block magazine from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Oh, and thinking of running happy, congratulations to my daughter Sarah, who ran in the Asheville Marathon yesterday.  She finished first in the Female Masters age category and got some cool prizes.  I'm a proud mom.

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