Thursday, March 12, 2015

Repurposed Shopping Bag

Thinking of repurposed -

Thanks to my friend Tiffany for this one.  A few weeks ago I purchased one of her shopping bags made from a tee shirt.  I loved it and thought that I just had to make one, one of these days.

Today I was looking for a long sleeved tee to wear and saw this one.  I love K Mart tees and have several, but I have never liked this striped one.  I'm sure I got it when there was a K Mart in my neighborhood and it was probably marked down to $3 or so at the end of the winter season.  I thought I should like it, it was a great buy in just my colors, but it never happened.  I just don't like to wear stripes.  And of course, even though I did wear it, it stayed way too nice to get rid of.

When I finished yesterday's bag, I was on a repurpose roll and decided to cut into that tee.  You can find good directions here.  It was easy, took about ten minutes, including threading the serger, which I used to sew around the top and to close it up at the bottom.

What I didn't like as a tee I love as a shopping bag.  It scrunches into a little space.  I can just picture it going to the downtown park with sand toys and bags of pretzels and juice boxes.  Can you tell it was the first warm day today?

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