Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Have I mentioned that I love my neighborhood?  Lots of hills, and a little view of city skyline when I am on my way home on the next street over.

Urban enough to hear neighbor's music in the warm weather, and I love that.  Close enough to the ball park to hear the fireworks when the Reds win or hit a home run.  My own little circle of shopping that keeps me close to home when I want that.  A park at the end of my street and the big river close by.  Some nice little local restaurants nearby with more on the way.  A long street leading to the river with diverse shops, with the newest being antique and coffee shops.  And one of the oldest, probably, has the last of the city's dancing girls.  

A fabric store and library that are both within walking distance.  Don't forget that.  

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Joanne S said...

Some friends agree with me--getting older and being able to walk to most necessary places-library, grocery, restaurants is the way life should be.

for me, this means eventually selling this property and buying inside the Town limits. When G is willing.