Friday, March 20, 2015

Drawstring Bags

The drawstring bags are for hygiene supplies for my church to give to Mennonite Central Committee for people in crisis areas.  I adapted the instructions just a little so I could use my serger to give them some extra strength.  Hope no one minds.

When I got to the drawstring part, I was reminded of trying to make a similar drawstring bag for Girl Scout camp ages ago.  I could NOT figure out how to get the drawstrings in.  And neither could my mother.  

Actually, I'm kind of in love with these little bags.  I'm picturing making a few to use as gift bags, maybe using scraps of fabric or Christmas fabric.  If you want instructions to try some, google MCC kit bag instructions.


Anonymous said...

Nice bags, nice cause. Did you use a safety pin to do the drawstring? You taught me that.

Joanne S said...

This reminded me--I wanted to ask if you had ever come across a pattern for the floor pads on Swiffer floor mops. Someone was selling them for $29 each and I thought--how hard would it be to make my own.

this would be for the floor scrubber on Rather than just slap it on the bottom--it had sides that flooded over the top. I regularly just use a utility towel and drag it over the floor.