Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Bag and a Burn

This bag was adapted from directions in the Fall 2009 Stitch Magazine.  I haven't purchased this magazine recently - maybe I need to rethink that.  

What I love:  the linen band at the bottom,  the wrap-around pieces of trim, and the handles lined from old jeans for extra stability. Dotted lining that matches and handles.  

The grands spent the night last night and are snoozing in bed this morning.  A sure sign of spring - Aaron had a sunburn on the back of his neck.  The kids were helping clean up the ball fields yesterday, then played outside in the nice weather.  If it goes like it usually does, Aaron will wake up this morning with the sunburn completely gone.

We watched some of the NCAA tournament last night.  I asked Nora if she knew what make a three-point shot different from a two-point.  Of course she did.

I thought I could watch the Kentucky/University of Cincinnati game and be completely neutral about the outcome.  Not so, I was rooting for Kentucky, like always. 

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