Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trip to Berea

Coinciding with their mom's and Bridget's trip to visit Helen, the grands and I took a trip to Berea.  It was the same day as Berea's annual quilt show, very tempting, but this was a kid trip.

We stopped in Lexington at Great Harvest Bread Company on the way.  Great Harvest bakes wonderful bread and offers a free slice from several choices.  The kids chose white, no surprise there since plain whole wheat wasn't one of those featured, and declared it to be the best bread ever.  We bought a loaf of that, along with several others.

They admired the Cumberland Foothills from the car and we went to Indian Fort to do some hiking.  They made about 20 minutes up and 20 minutes back, which was enough to see a little scenery.  There was discussion about how long-ago Indians considered this to be a sacred place.

In Berea, we stopped to hear some dulcimer music and have lunch at the newly-enlarged PapaLeno's.  We strolled around the campus and went into a couple of buildings.  Nora wanted to see some classrooms and the library, but Aaron quickly tired to the touring.  They both loved Seabury Center with its gym, pool, and walking track.

Our hotel stop was in Georgetown.  Oh, joy, the pool was open all night, and they made it almost to midnight.  Or, I made it almost to midnight, I'm sure they would have stayed longer.  There were a couple of families there, and between the water balls and the soakers it got pretty rowdy. 

Next door was a Fazoli's restaurant, which was a huge hit for dinner and lunch the next day. 

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