Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I have loved this begonia all summer.  It sits on the back porch, gets no direct sun, and is happy as can be.  As soon as the red flowers fall off, more take their place. 

It was on the "reduced" cart at Lowe's early in June, in a black plastic pot with a spider plant and some kind of grass.  Still a little pricey, but I really wanted it.  I'll definitely be bringing in the spider this fall. 

(JoAnn, can I bring the begonia inside too?)


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Joanne S said...

Everything is a houseplant somewhere so why not at your house?

Because of the red flowers it will need lots of light, less water than it did outside. And before carrying it inside, carefully wash off the stems and undersides of the leaves where insect eggs could be waiting to hatch. On the spider also. give it a good insecticide spraying if you do that.

Also remove the top inch or two of dirt--also harboring eggs and "things". Mine (just like yours) did very well on the unheated sunporch until G forgot to water it.