Monday, August 4, 2014

Kentucky Horse Park

After our day in Berea and our evening in Georgetown, the kids and I went to the Kentucky Horse Park. The last time I was there, Nora was just little, in a stroller.  We were admiring the horses when one showed his teeth.  She was done, just done, with horses for that day.

This time, it started to thunder as soon as we got to the park.  We hurried into a covered arena just as a competition was about to start.  I don't know what it was called, but there were young girls riding horses that jumped over hurdles in timed events.  Nora was quite taken by it.  Aaron played with my cell phone and clapped from time to time.

Nora would have liked to have riden a horse, but apparently you need to make reservations, or at least get there early.  She was content to ride a pony with Aaron.  Next year they will both be old enough to ride the horses. There was a wonderful playground close by, and the kids made up obstacle courses and timed themselves until it was time for the park to close, just as the rain came again.

We stopped at a Dairy Queen for ice cream about half way home.  I didn't realize how big a "medium" cone was, and I'm sure the kids had ice cream for dinner.  They probably had room for nothing else.

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