Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grand Friday Night

The grands came on Friday night when their mom was out of town.  After the obligatory dinner of chicken breast tenders, we went to Schneider's in Bellevue just as it was getting dark.  The tables on their patio were almost full with families eating ice cream and ice balls.  In some cases both, probably, because you can have ice cream in your ice ball.  I haven't told the grands about that.
It was peaceful to sit there and watch the night come in and the cars go by.  Who knew that Bellevue was such a busy place on a Friday evening?

Nora mentioned that her ears were hurting from her earrings, and we put on alcohol and Neosporin, then a different pair of earrings. I had a couple of pairs of silver earrings on a card, and she picked out the bling-y ones.  That seemed to take care of the ear problems.

The next morning, she said that her socks were getting too small, and I gave her a new pair of Under Armour socks that I had stashed away.  She brightened up and said, "I love Under Armour things."  Duly noted, Nora.  Sometimes she's her mom's girl, but this time she was her dad's girl, he likes Under Armour too.

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