Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Day

Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Planes: Fire and Rescue. I didn't know that we were going to see it in 3D, just chose a time that worked.  Before we go into the theatre, the kids always like to guess how many people will be there.  I guessed that we'd be the only ones, and I was right until just before the movie started, when another family came in.

Then we stopped at Schneider's in Bellevue to try out their ice balls and see whether theirs rated higher than Sweet Tooth. Turns out they did. They don't pack down the ice as much and then put it into a bigger cup. Easier to spoon it out.

Then it was across the river and to the zoo.  Perfect day for it.  Not too hot and not too crowded.  The giraffes were in their house where they can be viewed from above, up close and personal.

Both of the kids wanted to take a picture of this lion, and the pictures were almost identical.  The lion was snoozing except when a UC helicopter flew overhead and that got his attention. 

All too soon school will be starting and these summer days will be coming to an end.

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