Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back Yard Gardening

This week has been a mid-summer treat, weather wise.  I've used the cooler days to work on my back yard, mulching, pulling weeds, and doing a little planting.

The bed beside the fence is partly new this year, moving right from the gazing ball.  In the spring I put down cardboard and topsoil, and next spring the grass will have broken down and the soil will be ready to plant.  I've mulched that bed and also the spot toward the front where the big tree came out.  I don't think things will grow where the tree was, at least not yet, so I've started with a few containers.

I was happy to find some rhubarb at Lowe's this week and planted it in the circular bed that was here when I moved in.  There was some overgrown sage there that was definitely unattractive.  In the spring I'd like to plant more rhubarb.  I don't think that I could ever have enough rhubarb.  Normally, I'd plant it in the spring, but I think it will be fine with extra water when the weather warms up again.

My plan is to have grasses hiding the fence and the yards behind it, with beds coming out from there.  There is always a plan.     

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Joanne S said...

I agree-never too much rhubarb.

I have five plants and they are still very young so I have to pull only a few stalks on each. Enough for a pie last week.

Here in Maine (cooler) you can plant a few weeks after the cardboard and compost is down. Even the landscapers plant really quickly after the cardboard compost treatment.