Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The crowd at Kings Island was big yesterday, the lines were long, and we just stayed a few hours and rode a couple of rides.  Nora won this prize that was so large that someone was paged to get it. Aaron did pretty well for himself too, with darts and balloons, but nothing could quite compete with that huge animal.

The lines for food were long too, so we opted out and went to McDonald's in Oakley, taking our food to the park down the street.  Then we explored the Blue Manatee bookstore, which was such a treat.

There is a smoothie/coffee bar as well as books.  Aaron's new fave flavor is mango and the barista said that yes, she could make a smoothie with just mango instead of a blend of flavors.  Then it was on to some reading and picking out just the right books.

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