Thursday, July 3, 2014

Remember These?

Remember those stamped cross stitch items that you could buy and then cross stitch with embroidery floss?  I hadn't seen them in years until yesterday, when a customer wanted satin bindings sewn on not one but two baby quilts for twin girls.  She had done a wonderful job with the cross stitch and most of the knots on the back were buried.  I had to reduce the width of the bindings a bit to get around the curved edges of the quilts without puckers, but they did set off all that hand work nicely.

I've done a bib or two in the past, maybe once a toaster cover for my grandmother about 45 years ago, but I can't imagine having the patience for two quilts, even crib size.  My sister-in-law used to order the stamped cross stitch items from a company called Mary Maxim.  I wonder whether they are still in business, I'll have to check.

***Still in business, still have the cross stitch things.  And, felt calendars to embellish with sequins.  I'd forgotten all about those, I used to make them for my grandmother, too. 

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