Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reds Fan

I'm so glad that the grandkids are baseball fans.  We went to a game on Saturday, a game in which the Brewers scored a run in their first inning and that was it for runs.  I thought that the kids might be a little bored but they enjoyed themselves, except for being a little disgruntled at losing and at the Brewers fans a few rows up.

I love how Nora sits down in her seat and just lights up.  She glows and cheers and sings, that often quiet girl transformed.  I'm so glad I live like, maybe, two miles from a major league stadium so that going to a game involves the cost of tickets and maybe parking, not a tank of gas and a hotel and meals. 

Last night I was having trouble sleeping and realized around 1:00 that I hadn't heard the game-winning fireworks from a game that had a bit of a rain delay.  I got up and checked the score, and I'd missed them.  I must have slept more than I thought. 

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