Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hot Day at Kings Island

Yesterday was steamy and hot, and the grands and I took off for Kings Island.  There were storms predicted for the afternoon, and I was hopeful that this meant a day without crowds.  That's pretty much what happened, except that there weren't any storms until evening.

Nora loves the water rides, Aaron not so much.  Nora rode on one by herself and Aaron and I waved as she went by.  We waited by the exit, but she didn't show.  Grandmother panic.  I told Aaron we had to go and look for her, and we started down the exit walk, which was empty.  More panic.  Then she appeared, all happy.  Turns out that there was no one in line and everyone on the boat agreed to just ride again.

Usually I don't let the kids play games, but I decided to yesterday.  Aaron won this dog because the person didn't guess his weight within three pounds.  There were some smaller prizes too.

Every once in awhile we just had to stop and cool off.  Drink.  Watch the people go by.  We were feeling lucky to live close to a big amusement park.  Nora rode a couple of water rides with a little girl from Texas who was visiting her grandpa.  That was pretty impressive to the kids, that and the fact that she flew to Cincinnati by herself.

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