Monday, January 13, 2014

Wool Bowl

Here is the wool bag I made yesterday.  The directions called for boiled wool, but I had some wool felt fat quarters and used those instead.  There is some piecing, but it will be ok.  There is no boiled wool at my fabric store, and if there were it would be very expensive.  The bowl is lined with more wool felt.  Viking January Project by Marie Duncan.

Last night, this picture appeared on my facebook timeline with this pitiful post: 

"Dearest Gran B.  I wish you were here.  No one will feed me.  Around December 4 I ate a corn cob in a dark alley.  Not much was thought of it until I puked part of it out a couple of nights ago.  Now I have to get an x-ray tomorrow and was told I must "fast."  I have demanded food many times and tried my best to remind my people to feed me.  They are just staring off into space watching their pet box (his name is Teevee) which has no fur and isn't cute at all."

Oh, dear.  So far this morning, there is no news about Lucy, except that the x-ray showed that her stomach was enlarged so it was on to more tests. 


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