Friday, January 3, 2014

Not Yet

The outside lights are down, the peripheral decorations packed away, but I'm not yet willing to give up the Christmas trees.  Not yet.  I keep them lit day and night and they are so comforting on these dark days.  Part of me is pulled toward putting the ornaments back in their little boxes and one of these days that part of me will take over.  But not yet.

I am searching for some sort of low energy project for these winter evenings.  I am not a tv watcher, not much of a knitter.  I always end up reading in bed far too early, and that's not what I'm looking for. 

Last night Aaron was scheduled for an only-child sleepover while Nora enjoyed her own sleepover with the one little girl who couldn't make it to Nora's December birthday party.  Because of the bad roads, Aaron had to stay home once again, although the little girl did arrive.  I saw a picture of Aaron battling with light sabers, so I'm sure he had his own good time.

Today we're scheduled to go to the Museum Center if the roads are clear.  I haven't seen the Duke trains yet this year, and that could be part of the visit.   

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