Sunday, January 12, 2014

Three Hole Yarn Foot

There are a lot of sewing machine feet in their designated basket at my house, and some come out more often than others.  For some reason, though, this three hole yarn foot had never made its debut until today.  You'll notice that there are three holes in the front of the foot, and the yarn/cord goes in from the front to the back.  There is the usual sewing thread in the needle and bobbin.

The sewing thread couches the yarn/cord and the only thing I needed to do was make sure that the cords stayed in the right order.  Easy.  For Viking folks, the stitch is X1:17 but a wide zig zag would work too.  You'll notice that there is a tear-away stabilizer behind the fabric. 

Sometimes I like to volunteer to make work samples just because it challenges me to try things I usually wouldn't, like using this foot and sewing with wool.  You'll see the completed project tomorrow.  I'm almost finished.

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