Thursday, January 16, 2014

All OK

First of all, the Lucy update:  her doggie tummy is fine, no trace of the corn cob.  Sarah and Winnie are relieved.

About a year ago my friend Carrye and I went to Cabin Arts in Burlington and we both got some of this fabric with the trees and skaters.  I used most of mine for a baby quilt for my friend Bev's new grandbaby, but there was a bit left, and I LOVE that fabric.

So, it shows up again in this month's premmie quilt, the very last of it - I was saving it for winter.  I like to do my quilting pretty tight, about 1/2" apart, but in the interest of getting finished I did this one about 1" apart.  I really had to talk to myself and give myself permission to do that.  I like to think that the premmie quilts are just as nice as the ones I give my friends and relations.  Once I finished it, though, I realized that it actually makes no difference.  It's just as nice, just has a different look.

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Anonymous said...

And I love love love that quilt and the little kids in their snowsuits! xxxooo - Bev