Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thread Doesn't Count

One of my goals for this year, same as last year, is to have the same or less amount of fabric at the end of the year than when the year started.  I'm pretty sure that's what happened last year, although I didn't actually keep a running tally, which I am this year.  So far, so good, I've used more than I've purchased.  What I've purchased has been in the form of some fat quarter packs and small pieces, but that all counts.

Thread, however, doesn't count.  (Neither does fabric that people give me.  The rules according to me.)  So yesterday at work, when we got in lots of new Robison Anton embroidery colors, I got lots.  Robison Anton is my favorite, I like the smoothness of the thread and the large quantity of thread on the spools.  I didn't duplicate any of the colors I already have, and I'm using one new color today.

Lots of snow yesterday, and a slow morning commute.  I only work at the store a couple of days a month, and it was just my bad luck that the weather was bad yesterday morning.  By the evening, though, the roads were clear and it was very cold.  My windshield washers froze up again.  Today, it's even colder, up to 0 now.

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