Sunday, January 26, 2014

Microwave Potholder

My friend Carrye gave me some wonderful scraps and small pieces, and there is good energy in that bag.  Why is it that her scraps are so much more appealing than mine?

Anyway, I started out making this microwave potholder, which is basically some piecing, some quilting, some darts, and some turning inside out.  All minimal. 

The idea is that the bowl nestles into the potholder and the whole thing goes into the microwave. The hot bowl is then removed from the microwave by opposing little tabs. Very clever.

You can find a good tutorial for making a microwave potholder here.  You do have to be sure that the batting is all cotton, since it's going in the microwave, but there are various cotton battings.  I used Pellon Nature's Touch, which is incredibly soft and nice.