Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jewelry Roll Project

On March 1, I'm teaching a class featuring this Anita Goodesign jewelry roll.  It has a large pocket plus a separate smaller zippered pocket and a ribbon holder for rings.  Except for just a teense bit of machine and hand sewing, it's all done in the embroidery hoop, including the zipper.

This is how it looks rolled up with the embroidery showing.  I'm thinking about how the zipper feature could be used in other bags, not that putting in a zipper is all that hard, but this is really, really easy.  This design calls for a 200 x 360 embroidery hoop, so my next project will be a little smaller, to fit in a 200 x 260 hoop, for people who just have that size hoop.

Last night Aaron called me, laughing, to tell me that he'd just seen my identical twin in the parking lot at Frisch's.  Glasses just like mine, blond hair, similar build, jeans, and a purple coat like mine.  At first he and Nora were sure it was me.  They thought it was hilarious. I'd like to have seen this person.

My friend Carrye and I had the nicest afternoon yesterday, but I forgot to take pictures.  We went to my church in Oakley to change out the Advent decorations, then on to Sewn Studio just down the street.  Lunch was at Essencha Tea Shop, next to the fabric store, really a relaxing treat.  Then back to Newport where our friend Ginny was having a sale of her fabrics, which are usually available only at quilt shows around the country.  She has the most beautiful hand dyes and commercial fabrics, very unique.  And, we got to see some quilt samples she's made to show them off.

Every day I've been doing a little more cleaning in my sewing areas.  I knew that it was in disray by the time Christmas came, but I really didn't appreciate just how much. 

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