Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Stockings, Big Font

Big stockings, big font.  Fifty-point Curlew.  My daughter got the stockings for 75% off after Christmas.  These stockings are big enough for a pack of markers or a little notebook or other bulky little stuffers.

I think I sewed too close to bed time last night and dreamed about sewing several times.  Not that such dreaming is necessarily all bad, but I think I'll shut it down earlier tonight.

Yesterday I watched most of The Butler with my neighbor.  It's a glimpse of the personal and professional life of a White House butler over several administrations.  Fascinating to me because I can remember much of the history as a young adult.  I didn't get to watch the end of it, but I'll borrow her DVD today when I go out to clean the walks.  If I can talk myself into it - five degreees.  Every time I look it's a little colder so I'm not looking any more.

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