Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow for the Boy

I made a tooth fairy pillow for Nora far in advance of any loose teeth, although in my defense, she was late in losing her first tooth.  The last person in her class to do so.

But, that second grandchild did not fare as well.  His first tooth came out a couple of weeks ago, (without much drama on his part) and he has a second loose one beside the gap.  Until today, still no pillow.

But, here it is, with the upper zombie tooth being the little pocket just the right size for a tooth.  The I Heart Zombies design is from Planet Applique, and I learned that in the future I'll be using a cut-away stabilizer for their designs.  I though, umm, applique, a tear-away will be fine, but it wasn't and there are puckers.  I had to sit down with myself and tell myself that this is for a six-year-old boy, he's not going to critique it.

Now, if he can hold off losing that second tooth before I see him next time, he'll have his own tooth fairy pillow.

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Anonymous said...

I love the heart! Nice ventricles!