Thursday, October 31, 2013

Different Sizes

Turns out that all the tiny quilt square ornaments are different sizes.  I don't know whether it was meant to be that or I just measured wrong, but I sort of like it.

Trick or Treat is tonight, despite storm warnings that may or may not hold off until after the fun.  Some across-the-river communities are rescheduling for tomorrow night, but I have a feeling that on this side of the river, Friday night football is an institution not to be messed with.

Speaking of which . . . I didn't realize that the Bengals are playing tonight.  Reason enough to watch tv for once.  I also hadn't realized that all the games can be televised now, whether or not they are sold out.

I had my annual physical this morning, which I always dread.  I have a new doctor, though, and I really like her.  She seems to come from a wellness perspective, which I so appreciateSo maybe, next year I won't dread it as much.   

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