Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cut Flowers

It was a cool and rainy morning, but the guild guild's floral committee kept the work coming on the back porch of the Nature Center.  In the end, there were many lovely arrangements to bring inside for the guild's annual fall show.

I think I made the same goal last year, but this year I'm going to remember it.  I'm going to be more intentional in planting flowers in my yard and in cutting them to bring inside.  This morning I cut rosemary, sage, broomplant, and grasses, thinking that I didn't have much to contribute but knowing that we needed things.  And mixed with cosmos, zinnias, and dahlias, they were so pretty.  There's no reason why I can't have little arrangements for almost no money to brighten my house.

So, I've already added this to my list of goals to come for next year.  If I put it on my goal list, it usually gets done. 


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