Saturday, October 19, 2013


We had this wonderful idea to go to HalZOOween at the Cincinnati Zoo for trick or treating today.  We'd done it before and it's fun for the kids to see other kids in costume and to collect some treats at various booths set up along the paths.

But, it rained all morning plus half the afternoon and it was chilly to boot.  Our first clue that this wasn't a usual zoo day was that half the primo covered parking lot was blocked off and it was easy to find a spot in what was left.

It was still a wonderful day and there were some costumes and it was easy to see the elephants smashing pumpkins.  There was no wait at all for the train.  Aaron had a light saber duel with another Darth Vader.  The kids collected treats.  There were little creatures to admire and pet.

If it's a nice day next Saturday, that place is going to be packed. 

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