Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilted Elephants

One of the nice ladies in our baby quilt group gave each person some fabrics - one with Ed Emberly elephants, one with orange squiggles, and one blue mottled.  We could add some of our own fabric, if we wished, to make a challenge baby quilt.  Fun, and so generous of the giver.  My first quilt, above, had lots of the elephants, I really love them.

I had just a little elephant fabric left, as well as some orange and blue.  I bought a different orange and a turquoise fabric and made the second quilt.  I'm taking a Craftsy class by Joe Cunningham called Pattern Free Quiltmaking, and that's where the ideas for the improvisational quilts developed.  No knowing ahead of time just what the quilt will look like, but the thing is, I always like it.  Lots of organic wavy machine quilting.

I started another quilt with the group this morning, then was reminded that next month we should turn in a Christmas quilt for those holiday babies.  Maybe I'll need to put this morning's quilt aside and look at my Christmas fabrics.  One of my year's goals was to NOT buy any Halloween or Christmas fabric this year, I have lots.

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Joanne S said...

I LOVE the second one. You certainly learned Joe's technique. Can't wait for more of these.