Friday, October 4, 2013

Natural Bridge

Today the kids had a day off school and the family took me along to Natural Bridge.  At first Nora was a little timid about the height of Natural Bridge and other rocks, but by the end of the hikes she was a happy girl.

Aaron's legs got really tired on the hike from Natural Bridge to the parking lot, but he was a trooper.  The trail sign says 1.25 miles, but I don't believe it, it definitely seemed longer.  We took the chair lift to the top and hiked down.  I'd rate that trail strenuous, lots of ups and downs and trail rocks.

Not all the Red River Gorge trails were accessible because the Forest Service roads were closed, but we did the short hike to Angels Windows, where the trail head starts in the parking area beside the road.  Natural Bridge wasn't affected because it's a state park.

My Kentucky friends know that a trip to Natural Bridge/Red River Gorge is not complete without (1) Ale 8 1, and (2) Miguel's pizza.  It just has to be.

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