Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Morning Quilting

Nora stayed all night with me Saturday night, and Aaron stayed with Aunt Tina, while Steph and Mike celebrated their 10th anniversary.  Nora and I went to the produce store and then got some Redbox movies.  We snacked on Amish cantelope and grapes and nachos and watched our movies.  I was surprised that she was willing to stay in the living room by herself and watch the end of the movie while I lay down and read in the bedroom.  As recently as this summer, she wasn't willing to spend much time "alone" at my house. 

This morning, I was up before Nora and when she woke up she came upstairs to where the quilting was going on.  She knows just where to find me.

She quickly admired the remnants of a stack of precuts, so I told her to pick her four favorites.  Then it was on to an informal lesson, lining up the fabrics right sides together and using the 1/4" piecing foot.  Using temporary basting spray - no pins for us.  I like to let her have free reigh when it comes to the quilting, choosing her own thread color, stitch, and placement. 

I think she's going to be a Modern Quilter.

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