Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sun Printing

Thanks to my friend Becky for sharing her pretty back yard, all set up for a day of fabric painting.  When I go to Becky's house, I'm always amazed at how quiet it is, no interstate or local traffic sounds, no city sounds.  It's like being on vacation.  AND, Becky made lunch for us, a cold cucumber/tomato soup and a veggie/bean salad.

And, thanks to my friend Carrye for the sun-printing mini-workshop.  Until Carrye arrived, I was pretty much just slapping paint on the fabric and trying to redeem it with stamps or more paint.  Carrye showed us how to thin the paint and to really wet the fabric.  She has the best stencils, too.

I gazed longingly at IKEA on my way back home but decided that IKEA should be its own day, with its own lunch.  Oh, and a shopping list.  Soon.

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