Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jedi Robes

Aaron is crazy about Star Wars these days, just like his Aunt Sarah was at his age.  His birthday party is Sunday and will be Star Wars themed.

My part in all this is to make Jedi robes for the kids to wear at the party and then take home.  His mom is making light sabers with pool noodles, very cute.

I'm using McCall's 2854 -  I used it several years ago to make a witch costume.  There is a ghoul version with a hood, which I just opened down the center and trimmed the hood so it all flows together.  I'm using the serger exclusively, including just sewing down the fronts and along the bottom.  My goal is to be able to cut out and sew a robe in an hour, and I'm pretty close.

The photo ops should be good - I'm so looking forward to seeing all those little Jedi's.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! You made so many yesterday!