Sunday, September 8, 2013

Holly's Quilt

Friday night after work I delivered this baby quilt to my friend Holly.  Her new little boy will be here within a week or so, and she has one wall of the nursery filled with amazing alphabet letters.  She had a space on the opposite wall for this quilt, which also has letters, although not as jazzy as Holly's.  I used a pre-printed panel and cut it apart, so it's pretty coordinated. 

Today was Aaron's much-anticipated birthday party, with Star Wars everywhere.  I hope that when Steph posts pictures I can lift one of them - I was taking pictures with her camera and didn't get any for myself.  A few of the little girls had to have a quick Star Wars orientation, but they learned quickly that it was good fun

The adults at the party glanced at the Bengals game throughout the party time.  The second half was pretty miserable for the Bengals, and I can't believe that we're starting the season much like we ended the last one. 

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