Friday, September 27, 2013

Early Autumn Day

There was a quick in-and-out today at Newport on the Levee to get a gift certificate at Mitchell's Fish Market for Steph and Mike's anniversary.  Their tenth, one of the big ones.  Today's the anniversary, and they're celebrating tomorrow at the Reds game and yes, Mitchell's.  And at the festival at the Levee.

Aaron was playing golf with his dad, so I picked up Nora after school and we went to Sweet Frog, to the appliance repair store to drop off my hand mixer, and to the Cincinnati Nature Center.  It was a glorious day for feeding geese, fish, and turtles.

We started on a hike, down the steps, past the waterfall, and around the curve, and then we spotted this deer.  We looked at it for the longest time, and it looked at us, and finally Nora and I turned around and went back the way we'd come.  Score one for the deer.

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