Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Wheels . . . Go Round and Round

Aaron is loving playing "trains" these days and these trains from Joy and from Grandma Janice and Pap are really nice ones. Part of the joy no doubt comes from getting to play downstairs in the family room, which is relatively new to him, but most of it is the trains themselves. He will play with them for an hour or more, and nothing else has held his interest for anywhere near that long.

I was helping Mike watch the kids tonight, and Nora and I sneaked outside while Aaron was playing with those trains. The little guy across the street had his red Mustang out and was agreeable to sharing with Nora. After all, he says she's his girlfriend. Here Nora's driving with his little brother.

And because I had to get these in somewhere, here are Sarah and Winnie taking a picture -

of Nora coloring at Frisch's after their Sunday morning zoo trip.

I met up with them at the Frisch's in Bellevue after church. Just about the worst service ever and there was a spilled chocolate milk incident that embarrassed Nora, but still . . . good times.

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