Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Low Imersion

I need a backing for the Crazy Quilt my mother started and have no yardage large enough. I thought about piecing a few fabrics together, but this quilt is special and deserves some special treatment. I'm not very fond of most cottons right now (dots are an exception!) and my trip to the fabric store almost ended up with some solid broadcloth. Then I remembered the plain muslin located behind the broadcloth and thought it would be nice to dye the backing myself.
I haven't done much dyeing this summer (ok, none) and I'm not sure why. My basement is too cold for winter dyeing and this is when I should be stocking up. For this quilt, I want something that includes turquoise, not too dark. And I prefer the hand dyes that combine a couple of colors and have beautiful blending. The green/blue combo is what's in my bucket right now, with just a little water, therefore called low imersion. Too late tonight to rinse it out, and I'm sure I'll be happy to get out of bed in the morning to see how it all comes out. I've totally given up for now on careful measuring and timing to reproduce fabrics. What happens is usually beautiful and if there is only one, that's ok. Having said that, though, there is a method to what I do and I usually dye the same size pieces of fabric and am pretty consistent with the dye recipes.
After my trip to get the muslin I stopped at the grocery store and remembered this time to get coffee and Half 'n Half for Sarah and Winnie's visit this weekend. I called Sarah, a former Louisville resident, to see which kind of Heine Brothers coffee to buy - Front Porch, Mountain Dream, or Good Morning. Good thing she was home - I'd have guessed Front Porch but Good Morning it is.

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