Sunday, August 30, 2009


For several weeks, I've had a trip to IKEA on my mind. There's a lot to like there - the people, the colors, the energy - and the food. I love the salmon and all those veggies.

With Mike's birthday providing the incentive, I went on Saturday morning. And came home realizing that the craving for the trip stems for the fact that I love colors, work with colors, but my home is pretty darn bland (except for that red kitchen, thank goodness.) Got to do something about that.

I was sitting in the cafeteria looking out over the parking lot when I spotted the farm directly in front of me - all those cars, the road, factories on the sides, and between them the farmhouse, barn, and silo. There's got to be a story there.

Nora baked her dad's birthday cake, and she always enjoys a birthday party.

I love this picture - Mike opening cards and gifts, the shock on Nora's face when she realizes that Aaron's sneaking candles off the cake.

Nora and Aaron spent the night with me, Mike had another party, and a good time was had by everyone.

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