Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Quilts in One

Sometimes I just have to do two things at once. I needed a sample quilt for the class I'm teaching tomorrow and I wanted to make a small quilt for a church function. Yesterday I was getting off the I-275 exit at Wilder (don't know why this is significant, but it seems to be) when I realized (1) what my church quilt would look like and (2) that it could be my sample too.

Photos of the church were printed on transfer paper. They're fairly light, but that's how I wanted them.

and designs are from the Husqvarna Texture Hoop. Finished size is 29" x 29."

Church members can sign the borders. I thought about various ways to incorporate an area large enough for signing and this seemed like a good idea. The backing is hand-dyed fabric that was used in the church during Advent.

I was musing about when and where I'd found the gray and white border fabric. Three years ago? Ten? It looks like I bought two yards and used a small chunk of it somewhere along the line. I think I read somewhere that if you love a fabric but don't have a plan for it to get two yards. I hardly ever buy more than half a yard, though. I must have really liked this one.

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Anonymous said...

Nice colors...pretty quilt