Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Fill-In # 136

Thanks again to Tonya for this week's Friday Fill-Ins.

1. Blue Moon on tap is my favorite summertime drink. Unfortunately, for the past couple of years I've gotten really congested when I drink any kind of beer. I'm not happy about this.

2. My favorite John Hughes movie is I don't think I have one. I'll have to look him up. One of my year's goals was to see a movie every month but I fell behind in April. I figure I can still catch up. Maybe even with a John Hughes movie.

3. Fabric is something I love to touch when I'm working with it. And the grandbabes' hair, so silky.

4. The full moon should be coming around again. Thinking about it reminds me of fall and Halloween and fun to come. Does anyone remember getting a candy mix at Halloween way back when - there were pumpkins and black cats and candy corn and - moons.

5. I'm pretty happy right now. I'm going to see my sister on Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to that. And I found a nice book for my co-worker's birthday.

6. When daylight fades it's earlier than it was six weeks ago. We're sliding into the dark time to the year. It always seems, though, that with the holidays I don't notice so much - and then we're heading for the light time again.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the end of my work week for this week, tomorrow my plans include seeing my sister and niece (haven't seen my niece since Steph's wedding, probably,) and Sunday I want to get going on my quilts again, if only just a little.

Happy Friday, everyone.


Bonnie said...

Sisters are a wonderful thing! Have a fun!

dolcebellezza said...

I love that Halloween mix! The black cats were my favorite, because they were so fudge-y, but you need all of them to represent fall. Now I'm all in the mood for Autumn.

cj said...

Gotta agree - sisters are the greatest! Have a great weekend.

Mine is here.

fickleinpink said...

have a great week! and good luck on the quilt!


AudreyO said...

Finding the right birthday gift can certainly bring a smile to your face :)