Monday, August 10, 2009

Bluffton pictures

Thanks to my sister for some Bluffton pictures from the quick trip this weekend.

Nora in the motel pool - she loved to alternate between the pool and the hot tub
Aaron had a great time too. He has tubes in his ears and Steph told me that he shouldn't go under water in the hot tub. I thought that would be easy until he came to the edge and walked right in before I could get there. He sputtered and went on being happy.

Sunday was a very hot and windy day. The following pictures were at my brother Carlton's farm.

Aaron isn't sunburned, he just gets pink very quickly in the heat.

Brother Carlton and niece Ariel. About a year after Ariel was born The Little Mermaid came out and her relatively obscure name was a household word for households with kids.

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