Monday, August 31, 2009

Downtown Park

There's the greatest waterfront kids' park in Cincinnati, right under the I-471 bridge crossing the Ohio River. I'd never think to look for a cool park in that location, but there it is.

Steph picked up the kids at my house on Sunday and we headed on down. Nora calls this park "the downtown park" for obvious reasons. The kids played on the playground equipment for awhile, then we walked to an overlook.

Steph went to find lunch at the Salsa Festival nearby and the kids spotted the sand volleyball courts.

Imagine being a kid and finding a sandbox the size of three volleyball courts plus some. I'm Gran B, and it's my job to say, "sure, you can play in all that sand." There were just a couple of other kids playing there, basically a huge expanse of sand just for them.

Was there a meltdown (or two) went it came time to leave that heaven? Better believe it.

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Anonymous said...

the melt down prob. didn't last for very long, did it ? Once the food was there ? That's hard for a little guy to walk away from, all that sand !