Saturday, April 23, 2016

Someone's Garage

.I parked at the lot between 7th and 8th streets and walked down Monmouth Street toward the river.  I admired this garage in the alley, saw a big group of people taking a Gangster Tour (the mob reigned in Newport until the 60's,) and saw a new edgy store opening.

On the riverfront, there were Reds and Cubs fans heading to the game, four kids at a time in the hamster balls, and people waiting for restaurant tables.  I walked across the bridge to Cincinnati and then back home to listen to the game.

I was feeling kind of discouraged when I started out, but it's hard to stay down with all that going on.  Plus, there were quilt magazines to check out at Barnes and Noble.  Teenagers in prom dresses.  A stretch limo.  A big crowd at the riverfront bar.  

I considered getting a grilled cheese sandwich at Tom and Chee (they even make a grilled cheese sandwich on a glazed donut) but instead I came home and had cottage cheese on toast.  If you've never tried it, check it out.  It's really, really good.

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