Wednesday, April 6, 2016


At our Art and Spirituality Group last night, our facilitator brought colorful embroidery flosses and tossed them on the black and white table cloth.  So simple and yet so effective.

I have hemmed so many pairs of pants for folks recently.  Some of them were because of the change in the season, I'm sure, but seven were work pants.  I'm getting pretty good with putting in a blind hem with my D foot without having to go back and put in the skipped stitches.

Yesterday was cold, so no yard work for me.  So far, all I've really done is cut back ornamental grasses and stuff them in contractor bags.  Now, though, when my goal is to fill up a bag, I can cover more area.  My beds look so raggedy and unkept, and the thick blankets of mulch from last year have totally disappeared.

I am amazed when I read blogs where people plan out a new bed and do all the planting and it's done.  I am on the slow plan, like with most things.  Several years ago I had two maple trees cut down in my back yard and this will be my year to plant in those areas.  I tried a few things last year and they are coming back again, so I think it's time.  Plus, weeds are coming up, I think that's a sign.  

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Joanne S said...

I'm working with a professional landscaper part time--when I am not working full time-- I know---I am crazy. but I have learned a few things. Kate slices the edge of grass and dirt along all the beds. About 4 to 5 inches deep and about a 45 degree angle with the deepest point right next to the bed and the high point on the grass side. Wow, was it easy to just scoop or rake the leaves from winter winds out and presto a clean edge. It seems so easy and the mower will give the top edge a very clean cut every time--no edging trims needed the rest of the year. I am going to get a big sharp knife and sit and dig and cut all my edges. When I have a day off. Laughing all the way---hey, when do I retire??????